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How Are You Currently
Growing 📈 Your Email List?

If you're like most companies and creators, you might be asking people to simply "join your email list" or offering a discount as an incentive. And while these tactics might bring in a few subscribers, you're likely missing out on a massive opportunity to rapidly grow your list with highly engaged leads.The problem with the "join our list" approach is that you're asking your potential customers for something (their email address) without offering anything valuable in return. And while discounts can be enticing, they often attract bargain hunters rather than genuine, long-term customers.

Unlock The Secret To
Explosive Lead Magnet

But what if I told you there’s a much more effective way? A method that not only skyrockets your email list growth but also attracts the right audience and primes them for future sales?That method is Educational Email Courses (EECs).

Free Education

By offering a FREE EDUCATION, valuable, and transformational email course, you're providing your potential customers with something they genuinely want and need. In today's digital age, people crave knowledge and are eager to learn before making a purchase decision.

The Beauty Of EECs

1. Establish you as an authority in your niche
2. Attract highly targeted leads who are interested in your offerings
3.Generate unbeatable opt-in rates (often 70% or higher!)
4.Nurture your leads and prepare them for your sales funnel

The Brutal True

👉 Every single company & creator on planet Earth needs this.👉 And almost none of them have it (and if they do, it’s probably not very good).👉 The average email opt-in offer on a company or creator’s website is less than 10%. Many are much closer to 1%

Harness The Power 💪 Of Educational Email Courses

As a ghostwriter specializing in creating compelling EECs, I've witnessed firsthand the transformative effects they can have on businesses across various industries.By providing your audience with the knowledge they crave, you'll grow your email list at an astonishing rate and foster a deep connection with your subscribers.Imagine having a steady stream of engaged, high-quality leads who are eager to learn from you and, eventually, buy from you.That's The Power of Educational Email Courses.This is a live example: 👇

Case Of Studies

EEC is a New Marketing Vehicle!Many famous writers, entrepreneurs, and influencers use EECs to monetize their audience.

James Clear

Best-selling author of "Atomic Habits," James Clear, skillfully crafted an (EEC) to connect with his audience deeply and provide immense upfront value.

Nicolas Cole & Dickie Bush

The two prolific digital writers are the creators of the highly profitable and transformational Cohort-based writing course Ship30for30 and PGA the first Ghostwriting Academy.“How To Start Writing Online” EEC is the sales engine for Ship 30.

Greg Isenberg

He is an entrepreneur, writer, and a LinkedIn Top Voice. He created an EEC for any of his digital products.

What You'll Get 💡
When You Work With Me

1. Proven Track Record
I've delivered results for businesses across various industries, from SaaS to e-commerce. My EECs have consistently outperformed traditional lead magnets, generating unbeatable opt-in rates and high-quality leads.
2. Tailored to Your Niche
No two businesses are alike. I'll create custom EECs that speak directly to your target audience's unique pain points, desires, and learning preferences.
3. Rapid Delivery
In just 2 weeks, you'll have a complete, ready-to-launch EEC that showcases your expertise and captures your audience's attention. Watch your email list skyrocket in record time.
4. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
I stand behind my work. If you're not thrilled with the quality and results of your EEC, I'll work with you until you are ready or give you a full refund.

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Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to supercharge your email list growth and attract a flood of high-quality leads.Take action NOW!, and let's work together to create an Educational Email Course that positions you as the go-to authority in your niche.Book your free 30-minute strategy call now and discover how my EEC service can grow your email list exponentially. Click the button below to schedule your call and take the first step toward monetizing your mail marketing. 👇

About Me

I'm Demian Valenzuela, an entrepreneur and seasoned ghostwriter passionate about helping businesses and creators explode their Digital Services and email list growth through the power of Educational Email Courses.With over 25 years of experience crafting compelling copy, a deep understanding of lead-generation strategies, and a passion for creating conversion assets, I'm committed to helping my clients achieve outstanding results.When not writing, I explore the city or countryside with my 5-year-old daughter Sofía and my wife Silvia.

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